Yes, as long as the codes can be added to a CSV file that follows the CouponBrew format.

The best way would be to generate a sample CSV file, and then add the coupon codes using Excel to that file.

In 99% of the cases, the issue is with the format of the CSV file. This happens when the file is edited using Excel or Numbers.

Make sure the expiration date is formatted correctly. It should be YYYY-MM-DD. So November 2nd, 2022 should be written as 2022-11-02.

Contact us if the date format is correct but the import process still doesn't start.

Trial accounts can generate 10 coupon codes. Standard accounts can generate 5000 per file.

We limit the number of coupon codes per CSV file to 5000.

If you try to import more than that you will get an error message.

Anywhere from 2-3 coupons per second. To increase this you can start a different import using a new browser tab.

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